A Vivo Y33s Smartphone


VIVo Y 33s has been introduced to the market after a lot of speculations. These mobiles are based on the new BB10 platform, which provides a number of user friendly features to its users. All the latest handsets like the Sony Ericsson and the Samsung SGHi are available in this brand. The Vivo Y series features a four-inch touch screen and offers a unique feature – it offers fast charging. vivo y33s

The main highlight about the Vivo Y33S is that it comes packed with a 5.58 inch touchscreen, which is quite large. The phone also comes with an impressive six mega pixel resolution, along with dual pixel camera, and a high definition camera as well. The device is equipped with a large internal storage space of either 16 or 32GB. The cost of this particular smartphone comes down to $300, and therefore it is not very expensive.

Another unique feature of the VIVO Y 33s is that it is one of the first mobiles that come with the support for a virtual memory card. This large sized memory card supports a large number of applications, which allows the user to download different kinds of apps to use. The large size of the memory card comes in handy when it comes to downloading applications, and the support for virtual memory card enables this handset to run various tasks without using much space. To top it all, the device also features a very impressive six mega pixel camera module, which gives it a very impressive appearance.

The camera module of the phone enables you to take the most amazing pictures. When you want to buy vivo y33s camera, you must be aware of the fact that this particular camera is not compatible with some of the existing memory based phones. It uses the much smaller USB type instead. But if you can’t find a card of this size, you can always go for an external flash drive or memory stick. You will be able to enjoy your pictures and videos even better with the help of such external devices.

The main camera of the handset is also one of the best features of this handset. This is capable of giving you clear pictures in HD and has a 1.2 megapixel resolution. You can buy live y33s with an eye protection, which helps to prevent the damage of the eyes from bright sunlight.

The handset does not have many colour options as most of the mobiles come with two or three good colour options. However, the vivo y33s smartphone is equipped with several amazing colours like charcoal grey, deep green, metallic grey and sandstone. If you love to change the colour of your handset regularly, you should purchase this handset in orange, pink, red and blue colours. The vivid colours of the handset will make your hands stand out in the crowd. Apart from these colours, the handset also comes in silver, gold and black color options.

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